Helpful Hints

Tips from Tony Circelli, Kulzer Scrap Manager:

  • Scrap all precious metal crowns or bridges.
  • Save sink traps.
  • Collect all grindings from benches and drawers.
  • Collect all spills and debris (slag) from the casting well areas.
  • Collect all vacuum system debris including the vacuum bags.
  • Collect all platinum foil scrap.
  • Collect all grindings and sweeps from the floor, especially in the casting area.
  • Vacuum the entire work station, cleaning lights, cracks, crevices, chairs and shoes.
  • Platinum muffles and Thermocouples in obsolete equipment can be scrapped.
  • Place carpets at the entrance and exit of finishing areas to collect grindings and dust.

Please be wary of getting paid for your scrap on the spot. It's very likely that the person values your scrap at a very conservative estimate for yellow and white-looking metal. If your scrap is of yellow crown and bridge material, note that there can be a broad range of gold content. You are much more likely to gain a fair estimate on the total value of your precious metal if you send direct to a refiner like Kulzer to receive a complete and accurate 4 metal assay.

Visit MyDental360 to learn more about the refining process and get the information you need to be confident about your return.

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